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03/23/2020 | Topic: Weaving Machines

A strong start: The P2 rapier weaving machine is weaving itself successfully into the market

Almost one year after its official launching, the manufacturer Lindauer DORNIER is satisfied with the sales figures: The P2 rapier weaving machine, which has been improved in some essential points, is very well received by the customers as successor of the P1 rapier weaving machine.

Production in Lindau is running at full speed: Since its presentation at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, the new P2 rapier weaving machine from DORNIER ensures good utilization of the company's production lines. "The P2 has been well accepted by the market in whichever sector: home textiles, apparel and technical textiles" says Florian Boch, Head of Marketing and Communication. This is not surprising, since the successor of the P1 rapier weaving machine, delivered in 2019 for the first time, combines all the strengths of the previous version and offers numerous innovations for modern, flexible fabric production. To give but one example: to further enhance productivity and efficiency, the frame rigidity (our P2 has a 75 % more rigid central module in frame design) and the shed geometry have been significantly improved, enabling the weaving machine to produce reliably at 600 rpm.

Modular machine concept for more flexibility
Thanks to the modular design of the P2 expansion and conversion works can be carried out much faster. "Its modular principle and the clear-cut interfaces between the individual machine modules guarantee a high degree of production reliability," explains Florian Boch. This flexibility, Boch continues, is becoming increasingly important in global markets where cutbacks such as those caused by the Corona virus are affecting production processes and supply chains worldwide. The P2 is the result of decades of know-how: the most universal rapier weaving machine. Even the positive center transfer of the weft thread, a DORNIER characteristic, which remained unchanged since its invention in the 1960s, has been further optimized. Other highlights of the P2 are the maintenance-free DORNIER SyncroDrive® drive, the zero-twist double weft rapier head DORNIER DoPPIO®, which increases weft insertion performance as well as the new color selector and feed system DORNIER DisCoS® (DCS).

Weaving 4.0: New customer portal myDoX®
With the P2, DORNIER is also pushing its digitalisation offensive. P2 users benefit from the customer portal myDoX® based on the latest database technology (SAP HANA). It complements DORNIER’s appreciated personal technical service, installation and maintenance service with a digital order processing and a 24/7 online shop for original parts (DoXPOS Parts Order System). Thanks to numerous digital functions myDoX® makes fabric production even more flexible, process reliable, intelligent and sustainable.

New terry air-jet weaving machines save time
This also applies for fabric producers in the home textile sector who rely on DORNIER’s A1 terry air-jet weaving machines. Many of these machines are currently rolling off the production line in Lindau. Home textile fabrics with high loop quality and freely adjustable pile heights will be produced with highest precision on these A1 with a width of 3.40 meters. Design changes can be easily carried out, the pressure of the relay nozzles being regulated electronically. In parallel, automated speed changes, for example during the transition from pile to border, reduce time-consuming manual adjustments. Last but not least, DORNIER's terry air-jet weaving machines distinguish themselves by an optimum pile formation with the patented "soft-beat-up" (for gentle reed beat-up), a warp stop motion with free access and a mass-reduced back-rest roller for a constant warp tension.

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