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Quality creates value

Our claim is quality

We consider ourselves a family company which with international outlook and activities in the business of machinery and system construction. DORNIER is explicitly committed to the statement of quality "made in Germany". For this reason, all of our machines and systems are manufactured exclusively and entirely in Germany. Regular investments in the latest machinery and equipment and consistently high numbers of trainees attest to our unwavering commitment to this production location.

Our number one priority is the high quality of our products. This is our most important asset in the face of fierce competition on the world market. It follows that long service life and reliability are two outstanding qualities of our DORNIER weaving machines. Some of them are still producing top quality goods day in day out after 30 years. Thanks to the system family of our rapier and air-jet weaving machines, we can still supply almost 100 % of any spare parts needed after more than 20 years.

Resource Conservation and Durability

Ever since its foundation, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH has consistently aligned its corporate policy with the sustainability criteria – for our customers, for people and for an undamaged environment. Because our planet's resources are finite, we treat its raw materials with respect. This is why you will only find long-lasting products in our portfolio.

For us, sustainable management means designing and producing machines, systems and equipment in such a way that they consume a minimum of raw materials through their entire lifecycle.

You can confidently expect your DORNIER product to continue working reliably long after the warranty period has expired. If a malfunction should occur, however, you can rely on us for help – no matter how long ago you acquired the machine.