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DORNIER PROTOS® TW (Polymer and Roving to Sheet)

Production technology for high-quality tape fabrics

The tape weaving machine can process strip-like materials such as films and fiber reinforced tapes. It can also be used to manufacture fabrics with low grammage and low undulation. The result are textiles that are ideal for structural reinforcement and design applications.


System concept

The tapes are introduced parallel from a creel in the direction of the warp. They are fed without twisting in the direction of the filler with the DORNIER ZeroTwist Feeder. A positively controlled rapier head pulls them in the direction of the filler into the open weaving shed. Finally, the finished tape fabric is wound up either inside or outside the machine.

DORNIER Composite Systems® machines are designed for specific applications, so the machinery equipment can sometimes vary widely. But all DORNIER machines and systems have two features in common: exceptional quality and reliability.

Tape rapier head

Your added value

  • Low grammage, even with "Heavy Tows"
  • Low tape ripple
  • Processing of dry and fully impregnated tapes
  • Material mix for producing hybrid structures
  • Twistless filling thread guide

DORNIER Composite Systems®


Telephone:   +49 8382 703 1725


Telephone:   +49 8382 703 1725


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