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DORNIER PROTOS® TP (Polymer and Roving to Sheet)

Production technology for unidirectional fiber tapes

The tape production line from DORNIER Composite Systems® is designed for the efficient manufacture of high-quality fiber reinforcement tapes. The tapes can either be stabilized with binder material or completely impregnated with a thermoplastic matrix. The system is modular, which renders it ideal for working with various processes and materials.


System concept

In the tape production line the fiber material is first provided through a creel. Then the threads are spread out to form a flat tape and are coated with a binder. The dry tape can optionally be impregnated with a thermoplastic matrix.

DORNIER Composite Systems® machines are designed for specific applications, so the machinery equipment can sometimes vary widely. But all DORNIER machines and systems have two features in common: exceptional quality and reliability.

Bobbins with tapes

Your added value

  • Outstanding flexibility regarding thread material
  • Exact definition of tape width and thickness
  • Use of different binder and matrix materials
  • Extremely reliable process
  • High spreading capability and good spreading quality
  • High productivity

DORNIER Composite Systems®


Telephone:   +49 8382 703 1725


Telephone:   +49 8382 703 1725


PROTOS TP brochure

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