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Ready for the future — Apprenticeship starts at Lindauer DORNIER GmbH

On September 1, 2020, 19 young people (industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, cutting machine operators, construction mechanics, electronic technicians for industrial engineering, machine and plant operators and industrial clerks) started their training at DORNIER. Four of them are students at the Ravensburg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Ravensburg), studying technical and commercial subjects.

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Lindauer DORNIER employs the best trainees in the Allgaeu region

For their outstanding exam results, our former trainees Jan Wannagat (cutting machine operator m/f) and Robin Sputh (specialist for metal technology – construction technology m/f) received the award as Allgaeu’s best trainees by the @ihkschwaben.

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myDoX® – DORNIER’s people-focused customer portal

Digitalization however raises a central question: How do we connect the world of a traditional machine manufacturer with the virtual data volume of its machines and systems? And: How can this data be used as efficiently and meaningful as possible to benefit our customers?

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DORNIER presents itself with holistic approaches to thermoplastic composites and three-dimensional preforms

A modern composite lightweight design is not based on the material alone. It is rather an optimal synergy of material, process and application. With its PROTOS® and TRITOS® production systems, Lindauer DORNIER is now presenting for the first time comprehensive solutions for the economic production of high-quality customized thermoplastic composite structures.

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Together for a better Europe. DORNIER promotes cross-border exchange – Good Practice

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH has been relying on its trainee exchange programme for nine years now and offers its junior employees the opportunity to gain exciting new professional experience in Norway.

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Orientate magazin in conversation with: Mr Bernhard Wandinger, Head of Product Line Specialty Machines

“Lindauer DORNIER has been developing and producing film stretching lines for the packaging and plastic film industry since 1955. Today, about a third of all film production systems installed worldwide come from here”

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Fighting corona: DORNIER supports its customers in the change of production to face masks and protective clothing

The world is fighting against the spread of the pulmonary disease Covid-19. The fact is that there is a lack of protective clothing and face masks. As these urgently needed items can be produced on machines and lines of Lindauer DORNIER, the company supports its customers in developing textile alternatives.

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A strong start: The P2 rapier weaving machine is weaving itself successfully into the market

Almost one year after its official launching, the manufacturer Lindauer DORNIER is satisfied with the sales figures: The P2 rapier weaving machine, which has been improved in some essential points, is very well received by the customers as successor of the P1 rapier weaving machine.

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Shrink It

How to increase the sustainability of PET-BO films Food packaging, smartphones and solar panels: Biaxially oriented polyester film (PET-BO) is being used worldwide. In view of sustainability aspects, the material is currently questioned though. Improvements in the lines help making production more sustainable.

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Sustainable stretching: The world’s widest PET line made by DORNIER improves the energy balance

Modern goods logistics and packaging technology, especially for perishable foods, make it possible for more people to be safely supplied with food today than ever before in human history. Polyester films are ideally suited for this purpose. Nevertheless, they are increasingly being criticised as a source of environmentally threatening plastic waste. As one of the largest BOPET film manufacturers, Polyplex demonstrates how energy-efficient and sustainable film production can be with innovative plant technology.

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Direct Link 4.0: The new DORNIER Customer Portal myDoX®

Why the digital age began much earlier for weaving machine manufacturers

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Sustainable stretching: PET film from DORNIER lines improves the energy and ecological balance

Food packaging, medical blisters and solar panels: films are used reasonably all over the world. But they are increasingly being criticized as source of environmentally threatening plastic waste. Lindauer DORNIER GmbH will be demonstrating how innovative system technology can significantly improve the energy and ecological balance of film at the K exhibition in Düsseldorf from 16th to 23rd of October. The machine manufacturer will be presenting new concepts for energy-efficient and sustainable film production.

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World premiere: DORNIER presents the rapier weaving machine P2

Since its development it was known as the most flexible rapier weaving machine in the world: the P1 made by Lindauer DORNIER GmbH. At the upcoming ITMA the company will present the standard variant of its successor, the P2 to the public for the first time. It is already being hailed as a new milestone in rapier technology.

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"Weave by Wire": Why the digital age began much earlier for weaving machine manufacturers like DORNIER

Everyone is talking about digitalization and Industry 4.0 at the moment. An important aspect of both of these major trends is automation, which is going to supersede analog approaches to production, technology and consumer behavior in practically every way. Under the banner "Weave by Wire" at the ITMA exhibition, weaving machine manufacturer Lindauer DORNIER will demonstrate why the inexorable advance of ones and zeros is not new for the company.

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Environmentally-aware and efficient: DORNIER to present its newest “Green Machines” and an expanded service offering at the ITMA

The modern weaver faces many challenges: Digitalization is advancing deeper and deeper into the fabric of the production chain, sustainability requirements are growing more demanding, new employees and experienced technicians are thin on the ground. Flexibility in manufacturing is turning into an existential question. At the upcoming ITMA, DORNIER will present answers to these trends – in the form of the latest weaving machines and weaving solutions.

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Energy stored more efficiently: At the FILM EXPO, DORNIER presents the latest technology for separator film production for lithium-ion batteries

The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies requires an efficient energy storage systems. DORNIER as system supplier for plants that produce separator film for lithium-ion batteries, makes its contribution with the latest production technology - to be seen at the FILM EXPO in Osaka (22.-24.5.).

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Recycling and waste reduction: DORNIER at Chinaplas with the latest system technology for sustainable film production

Recycled materials as raw material for film, reuse of waste film, and energy saving: On these key topics, DORNIER presents innovative approaches for sustainability in material and machine from May 21 to 24 at Chinaplas in Guangzhou, China.

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Sustainable weaving: Machine builder DORNIER will present latest solutions inspired by "The Green Machine" sustainability approach at Techtextil

When the conversation turns to sustainability, many are of the opinion that business should lead from the front; machine builder DORNIER has applied this guiding principle rigorously for more than 65 years. At the upcoming Techtextil exhibition (to be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 14-17 May), the family-owned company will present comprehensive solutions in sustainable technologies for the manufacture of clothing, home textiles and technical fabrics.

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Application-specific systems for manufacturing semi-finished products

Tapes, tape fabrics and 3D structured textiles: DORNIER presents machines and system solutions from its Composite Systems business unit for efficiently manufacturing the latest in semi-finished fiber composite products at JEC World (March 12-14 in Paris).

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US weavers rely on machines from DORNIER for both high-volume and niche production

In spite of the turbulent economic times, the US textile industry remains stable. This is also beneficial for Lindauer DORNIER, which will present its highly efficient weaving equipment for manufacturing functional clothing, home and technical textiles at the Techtextil North America from 26 - 28 February in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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From Lindau into the world:

A mechatronics technician and an industry mechanic of the Lindauer DORNIER GmbH had during a five-week stay at the subsidiary American DORNIER Machinery Corporation in the United States the opportunity to gather impressions and experiences abroad. Their résumé: "Any time again!"

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DORNIER will present the latest technology for improved production of battery separator film at "Film Expo"

Megatrends like the energy revolution, electromobility and digitalization are inextricably associated with the question of energy storage. Film produced on the production lines built by Lindauer DORNIER GmbH can be found in more and more rechargeable batteries of electric cars, smartphones and wearables. At the Film Expo (December 5 - 7) in Tokyo, the technology leader will present the very latest clip technology for more efficient production of tomorrow's battery films.

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VDMA Textile Machinery c/o Walter Reiners Foundation awards five young engineers with a total of 17,500 EURO

Peter D. Dornier, member of the Executive Board of the VDMA Textile Machinery Federation and Chairman of the Walter Reiners Foundation for the Promotion of Young Engineers, honours five young talents.

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Quality before quantity: China turns increasingly to superior quality weaving machines from DORNIER for manufacturing technical fabrics

High-tech boom in China: More and more Chinese textile companies are choosing weaving machines from DORNIER in order to meet the growing demand for high quality technical fabrics for aircraft parts, filters, automotive and safety textiles.

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American subsidiary of Lindauer DORNIER turns 40

More than 240 customers, almost 8,500 weaving machines delivered, one globalization-induced structural transformation and a worldwide economic crisis with epicenter in the USA – in its 40 years of existence, the American DORNIER Machinery Corporation (AmDO) has certainly seen both: high points and lows. And like so many American business success stories, it all started in a small street being a name that could not have been more symbolic.

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Increased film output by tailor-made process equipment

At Chinaplas 2018, DORNIER will show energy-efficient and robust machine concepts for the film production

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Manufacturing woven fabrics: Exceptionally versatile in design and function

DORNIER will demonstrate weaving machine solutions for clothing, home and technical textiles aimed at the Turkish and Central Asian market at the ITM.

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Customized equipment for manufacturing semi-finished products

Fabrics, tapes, organic sheets: DORNIER presents machines and system solutions for efficiently manufacturing semi-finished composite fiber products at JEC.

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Key theme: More modern lines make for much better film quality

Lindauer DORNIER will be taking part in the PLASTINDIA plastics trade fair in Gandhinagar, India.

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Change of management at Lindauer DORNIER GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kückelmann was appointed as Managing Director of the Business Unit Speciality Machinery as from 1st January 2017.

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