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12/04/2019 | Topic: Film Stretching Lines

Sustainable stretching: The world’s widest PET line made by DORNIER improves the energy balance

Modern goods logistics and packaging technology, especially for perishable foods, make it possible for more people to be safely supplied with food today than ever before in human history. Polyester films are ideally suited for this purpose. Nevertheless, they are increasingly being criticised as a source of environmentally threatening plastic waste. As one of the largest BOPET film manufacturers, Polyplex demonstrates how energy-efficient and sustainable film production can be with innovative plant technology.

Maximum width for minimum energy consumption

More than 35 years ago, the industrialist Sanjiv Saraf founded a company in India for the production of polyester films (BOPET). When Polyplex was founded, no one could have imagined what the future would hold in store. The first plant started successfully in 1989, under system management by DORNIER in cooperation with Barmag and Kampf. This led to the development of a partnership based on mutual trust and understanding between customer and supplier.

Today, Polyplex has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of BOPET films, with 10 DORNIER production lines producing 258,000 tons per year. In order to make the development of its activities ecologically sustainable, Polyplex pays attention to optimal energy utilization and waste management with recycling, processing and reuse of materials.

Thanks to constant investments in new technology and further developments, a further milestone of energy-saving and sustainable stretching has been set: The world's widest PET film stretching line from Lindauer DORNIER not only exceeds the company's own record width; with its 10.6 metres. The line shines with production speeds of up to 550 metres of film per minute and a production volume of up to seven tonnes per hour. This significantly reduces specific energy consumption. The PET line with this width was commissioned in October 2019.

The DORNIER employees are proud to be part of this innovative process chain and to make their contribution to sustainable and efficient film production.

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