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The DORNIER EasyLeno®


DORNIER EasyLeno® technology

This system patented by DORNIER is a revolutionary new development in leno technology. Compared with classic methods which use a shedding device, device, shafts and leno heddles, weaving machines equipped with the DORNIER EasyLeno® system support up to 100 % higher performance potential. The system is available for both DORNIER air-jet and rapier weaving machines and is suitable for all leno weaves – from the lightest curtains to carpet backings and up to the heaviest open mesh glass fabrics.

DORNIER EasyLeno® fabric

Matchless products

This innovative technology also opens up completely new pattern variations and enabling products to be manufactured which are almost impossible to imitate or copy. In the fiercely competitive global market, DORNIER EasyLeno® offers a way for creative weavers to set themselves apart from their competitors. Another advantage is the minimum material usage with maximum productivity. The high slippage resistance of the fabric can help to reduce warp material usage by up to 30 %. The colors of the filling yarns are dominant and lend the fabric excellent color brilliancy.


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Download the DORNIER EasyLeno® brochure here.

DORNIER EasyLeno® brochure


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