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World premiere: DORNIER presents the rapier weaving machine P2

Since its development in 1967 it was known as the most flexible rapier weaving machine in the world: the P1 made by Lindauer DORNIER GmbH. At the upcoming ITMA the company will present the standard variant of its successor, the P2 to the public for the first time. It is already being hailed as a new milestone in rapier technology.

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"Weave by Wire": Why the digital age began much earlier for weaving machine manufacturers like DORNIER

Everyone is talking about digitalization and Industry 4.0 at the moment. An important aspect of both of these major trends is automation, which is going to supersede analog approaches to production, technology and consumer behavior in practically every way. Under the banner "Weave by Wire" at the ITMA exhibition, weaving machine manufacturer Lindauer DORNIER will demonstrate why the inexorable advance of ones and zeros is not new for the company.

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Sustainable weaving: Invitation to visit the Lindauer DORNIER stand

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The world-renowned aircraft manufacturer Dornier began building textile machinery after the Second World War. The reason for this realignment: The Allies had prohibited the company from building aircraft in Germany. In 1950, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH was founded by Peter Dornier, son of the famous aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, in the same building in Lindau-Rickenbach which still serves as the company headquarters. The first result of his search for a new field of activity was the manufacture of shuttle weaving machines.