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Energy stored more efficiently: At the FILM EXPO, DORNIER presents the latest technology for separator film production for lithium-ion batteries

The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies requires an efficient energy storage systems. DORNIER as system supplier for plants that produce separator film for lithium-ion batteries, makes its contribution with the latest production technology - to be seen at the FILM EXPO in Osaka (22.-24.5.).

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Recycling and waste reduction: DORNIER at Chinaplas with the latest system technology for sustainable film production

Recycled materials as raw material for film, reuse of waste film, and energy saving: On these key topics, DORNIER presents innovative approaches for sustainability in material and machine from May 21 to 24 at Chinaplas in Guangzhou, China.

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Exhibitions and Events

Chinaplas 2019

21. May 2019 - 24. May 2019

Film Expo

22. May 2019 - 24. May 2019

ITMA 2019

20. June 2019 - 26. June 2019




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About us

The world-renowned aircraft manufacturer Dornier began building textile machinery after the Second World War. The reason for this realignment: The Allies had prohibited the company from building aircraft in Germany. In 1950, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH was founded by Peter Dornier, son of the famous aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, in the same building in Lindau-Rickenbach which still serves as the company headquarters. The first result of his search for a new field of activity was the manufacture of shuttle weaving machines.