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Composite Systems

DORNIER presents itself with holistic approaches to thermoplastic composites and three-dimensional preforms

A modern composite lightweight design is not based on the material alone. It is rather an optimal synergy of material, process and application.

Weaving Machines

DORNIER initiates mask development with the German Institutes for Textile and Fibre Research (DITF)

Initiated by weaving machine manufacturer Lindauer DORNIER, the DITF are launching a project to develop reusable medical face masks based on high-precision air-jet weaving technology.

Exhibitions and Events

Chinaplas 2021

Shenzhen | China

13. April 2021 - 16. April 2021

Techtextil 2021

Frankfurt | Germany

04. May 2021 - 07. May 2021

About us

In 1950, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH was founded by Peter Dornier, son of the famous aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, in the same building in Lindau-Rickenbach which still serves as the company headquarters. The first result of his search for a new field of activity was the manufacture of shuttle weaving machines.

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