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The rapier weaving machine P2

DORNIER P2 rapier weaving machine

The most flexible weaving machine in the world – made even better

More flexible, faster and more efficient – the P2 is the culmination of almost seven decades of expertise in developing and building rapier weaving machines. With this latest innovation from DORNIER, its predecessor P1 has been decisively improved in every component of importance to the weaver. With a modular machine design rendering the central module 75% more rigid, increased insertion performance, maintenance-free drives and optimized shed geometry with positive center transfer, the P2 henceforth replaces the P1 as the most flexible rapier weaving machine in the world.

With up to 16 filling thread colors it is the ideal tool for creative, flexible, reliable and efficient production of top quality clothing and domestic textiles or technical textiles in cotton, silk, glass, carbon or aramid. And it can be used with cam motion, dobby (up to 24 shafts) or Jacquard machines with up to 30,000 cards and in conjunction with the EasyLeno® leno system developed by DORNIER.

Positively controlled central transfer

Broad application spectrum in three variants

The P2 is equally capable of working with materials ranging from high-quality silk fabrics through upholstery materials and women's apparel to coating, carbon, aramid or glass fiber fabrics made from yarns with maximum yarn counts for technical applications.

To enable it to do all this, the P2 is available in three variants: Besides the standard configuration, there is a reinforced version offering a reed beat-up force as much as 37 kilonewtons, and the P2 heavy-duty weaving machine with a maximum reed beat-up force of 50 kilonewtons for very heavy and dense technical fabrics. Like all weaving machines from DORNIER, all variants of the P2 are equipped with high-performance interfaces so they can be integrated easily in the IT/tool environments in the weaving mills.


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Download the P2 rapier weaving machine brochure here.

P2 rapier weaving machine brochure

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