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Our service and support begins with your decision to buy. Our Service Center in Lindau, including technical and electronic customer service, a comprehensive training program and reliable spare parts supply is our guarantee of a long-lasting successful cooperation with you. We operate a service network with contact partners and agents in all important sales markets for our systems and machines. In the US, India, China and Turkey, DORNIER has also established its own branch offices.

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Have you purchased a new DORNIER weaving machine or hired new personnel at your mill who are not familiar with your DORNIER weaving machines?

In order to guarantee that you get the best use and the longest service life from your weaving machinery, we have developed special courses for you and your operating personnel. Qualified and experienced instructors are available to lead these courses in our modern training center at Lindau. There, we regularly offer courses which deal with every aspect of the weaving machine and will provide you with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge.

Alternatively, you can also commission topic- or machine-specific training courses for your personnel at your location. We will be glad to discuss and develop a training concept with you which is tailored to your specific needs. Because well trained personnel is an invaluable asset for the long-term development of your company.

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Telephone: +49 8382 703 1585
Telefax:      +49 8382 703 17585

Maintenance and Repair

Problems often arise at the most inconvenient times. Even if you keep your machines in good condition and maintain them regularly, unexpected downtimes can still occur. When they happen, you need the rapid intervention of our skilled, reliable experts to identify and correct the problem as quickly as possible.

To ensure that the production process continues without disruption and minimal downtimes, you can rely on the thorough technical knowledge of our technicians in any and all questions relating to the maintenance of your DORNIER weaving machines.

Telephone: +49 8382 703 1312
Telefax:      +49 8382 703 1424

Commissioning, modernizing, conversion

As in all other industries, energy is becoming an increasingly important production and cost factor. Accordingly, the greatest possible energy efficiency is of paramount interest to any company, since it represents cost savings. Therefore, we offer a range of options for auditing the energy consumption of your system by our service technicians, to identify areas where savings might be made.

Thanks to our system family, there are a variety of ways in which DORNIER weaving machines can be modernized or retrofitted. To help our customers with older machines remain competitive, we offer many upgrade options. This makes the decision to purchase a modernization package and top-quality service a practical investment – for now and the future.

It is our aim to ensure you remain competitive and are always ahead of the competition. DORNIER is therefore committed to a program of continuous further development and maintaining a consistently high level of quality and performance. In order to keep pace with the rising productivity standards, it is therefore advisable to have the machines inspected from time to time, so that parts can be replaced or conversions made as necessary.

Telephone: +49 8382 703 1312
Telefax:      +49 8382 703 1424


The performance of machines for manufacturing the textile products demanded in the world market is determined to an ever greater degree by the perfect synchronization of hardware and software. The optimal interaction between these elements is what enables your machine fleet to manufacture and deliver goods rapidly and reliably.

In order to ensure that your DORNIER weaving machines remain competitive in the digital age and keep them in the most up-to-date condition electronically, we are constantly developing our software further. Almost all of our software products are also equipped with graphical user interfaces in the national languages of our customers. This way, our machines can be operated easily, safely and conveniently.

Our electronics experts are always ready to help, and will gladly advise you when you wish to update your hardware and software, so that your production program will always run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Telephone: +49 8382 703 1660
Telefax:      +49 8382 703 1560

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