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06/05/2020 | Topic: Training

Together for a better Europe. DORNIER promotes cross-border exchange – Good Practice

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH has been relying on its trainee exchange programme for nine years now and offers its junior employees the opportunity to gain exciting new professional experience in Norway.

The international operating family business based at Lake Constance, produces weaving machines and film stretching lines. Every year, the trainees have the opportunity to get to know technical techniques and working methods in Scandinavian companies. DORNIER also accepts Norwegian trainees and thus promotes international exchange.

Realistic and authentic work for the trainees

In September 2018, nine future (alternativ prospective) mechatronics technicians and industrial clerks travelled to Verdal in Norway for three weeks. At Verdal Videregaende Skole with which Lindauer DORNIER GmbH has a long and successful cooperation, the trainees were welcomed by their Norwegian exchange partners. After an introduction to the country, culture and the local training system, the trainees were taken to the internship companies. Customer and maintenance orders were waiting for the trainees there.

In organising the internships abroad, great importance was attached to providing authentic work experience. For this reason, the trainees work on site on specific tasks, learn new specialist techniques, have contact with customers and directly experience the coordination process between customers and suppliers. A challenge in which the DORNIER trainees could grow and prove their independence and flexibility.

Of course, there is also plenty of time to discover Norway and its cultural and scenic features. Excursions to fjords and the mountains offer a good opportunity to strengthen the group cohesion and deepen new contacts. This is intensified by shared accommodation in a typical Norwegian wooden house.

"All participants in the Norway exchange agree: Together for a better Europe is a concept for success" says Martin Kaeß, Trainee Manager.

The company also benefits

Furthermore, the trainees learn from the experience exchange with the partners in Norway. They also received an Erasmus+ grant for job shadowing in Norway. Through cooperation with the local vocational school staff, it was possible for example to improve instruction in the use of lathe machines. A further step towards the internationalisation of vocational training is taken by teaching the Norwegian trainees. It is a challenge to explain complex processes and technical details to foreign pupils in a foreign language. The training staff at DORNIER is happy to master this task.

As a globally operating company, we appreciate this development very much. The bilateral exchange with Norway not only adds value in terms of expertise and increases the attractiveness of the training company but also leads to a cosmopolitan attitude among all employees. An example is that the motivation for work and assembly assignments abroad has increased significantly for many of them.

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