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02/26/2021 | Topic: Weaving Machines

Sustainable weaving for a better future – Lindauer DORNIER GmbH with "Quality creates value" successful in China

The growing world population and rapidly advancing industrialisation are inevitably leading to ever-increasing levels of environmental pollution.

In order to respond to this and ensure clean air and pure water in a world striving for greater sustainability, high-quality, precise filter fabrics are of crucial importance. With their help, finest particles, such as solids, droplets or microorganisms, are removed from gases and liquids in filtration and separation technology.

As China's largest filter press manufacturer, Jingjin Environmental Protection Inc. pursues a special mission: "Turning wastewater into spring water and sewage sludge into raw materials". From early on it was clear to the machinery company, founded in 1988, that environmental protection measures such as the treatment and reuse of waste in closed cycles will become increasingly important for countries’ economies and the world as a whole in future. In order to pursue this sustainability concept, Mr. Jiang, the president of Jingjin, had already decided in 2013 to produce the previously purchased filter fabrics himself.

The declared goal: to expand the development of process technology possibilities and to increase the degree of automation as well as the production output of the separating devices in pursuit of sustainable, future-compatible development. With the first decision to purchase rapier weaving machines from DORNIER the circle of a comprehensive, sustainable technology approach comprising the machine, the fabric and the finished product was completed following our guiding concept "Quality creates value".
"We continually drive forward our technology so that our customers can produce even denser fabrics," emphasizes Wolfgang Schöffl, Sales Manager of the weaving machine product line at DORNIER. In this way, the filter quality has been constantly improved in recent years: With the latest DORNIER P2 machine generation currently ordered by Jingjin, featuring a reed beat-up force of up to 5 t and the optimized shed geometry especially for technical fabrics, wide high-density air and water filter fabrics can be produced in best quality.

As a machine supplier, we would like to thank one of the largest filter fabric manufacturers in the world for the many years of successful partnership with us – a company that serves the welfare of every human being. What connects both companies Jingjin and DORNIER over decades? Working together for a better future."

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