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03/30/2021 | Topic: Training

Cliché-free towards the future

Girls' Day 2021 will take place digitally on 22 April under the slogan "Career Orientation 4.0". Lindauer DORNIER GmbH offers girls from the 6th grade the chance to experience technical apprenticeships virtually.

"Which profession suits me and what are my strengths?" Questions that increasingly come into focus for many students during the career orientation phase. However, in order to keep track of the multitude of training professions and courses of study, and to find the right vocation regardless of social norms, it is necessary to gain insights into the most diverse professional worlds.

The underrepresentation of women in the so-called MINT* professions illustrates the close connection between career choice and traditional role models. The intention of the nationwide Girls' Day action day ties in precisely with this problem: In the past 20 years, familiarization days in companies have allowed more than 1.9 million schoolgirls to gain insights into scientific and technical professions.

Coming from the male-dominated world of mechanical and plant engineering, the family-owned company DORNIER also attaches great importance to the Girls' Future Day and this year is offering a digital service to broaden the spectrum of career choices. "The young girls often do not yet know how gifted they are - together we want to explore the fascination of technology", says Martin Kaeß, Head of Professional Training at Lindauer DORNIER GmbH.

The female trainees, who are currently being trained as industrial mechanics, mechatronics engineers and cutting machine operators, will take care of the participants. Together they will produce a personalized inductive smartphone  charging station and there will be informative interviews with female mechanical engineers and technicians who will report on their career at DORNIER. Finally, the girls can ask questions about training, studies and career opportunities and at the same time make important contacts for their future career path. Interested schoolgirls can register either via the "Radar" on the Girls' Day homepage or personally by e-mail directly with DORNIER.

"As an engineer, I help shape the world of tomorrow. Innovative technologies are only developed through new minds, impulses and creativity." Merve Yazici, who completed her dual studies as a mechanical engineer in 2020, is living out her career aspirations in the film stretching design department at Lindauer DORNIER GmbH.

*MINT stands for the fields of maths, computer science, natural science and technology.

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