Dornier Claim

"Made in Germany"

All DORNIER machines and systems are made entirely in Germany. Besides the company headquarters in Lindau, there is one other production facility in Esseratsweiler, just outside of Lindau.

Besides Administration, Marketing and Customer Service, the company headquarters is home to weaving machine production and production of strategic parts for all product areas. The Esseratsweiler site accommodates all system building functions for Specialty Machinery.

DORNIER proudly declares its commitment to its production site in Germany. Regular investments in the latest machinery and equipment and consistently high numbers of trainees attest to this. Very recently, several new buildings have been built in Lindau and Esseratsweiler for production, logistics and customer tests.

Primary activities in Lindau

  • Marketing of weaving and specialty machines
  • Development of weaving and specialty machines
  • Production of weaving machines
  • Number of employees: 985, including 63 traineese


Your direct contact with us

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Rickenbacher Str. 119
88131 Lindau, Germany

Telephone: +49 8382 703 0
Telefax: +49 8382 703 415

Esseratsweiler, Germany

In Esseratsweiler, close to Lindau, film stretching plants and drying plants are built and assembled.

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Charlotte, USA

The subsidiary company American DORNIER Machinery Corporation located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the main support center for customers in Noth America.

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Shanghai, China

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH has maintained a branch office in Shanghai since 2003 to enable it to service the East Asian market as effectively as possible.

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