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The rapier weaving machine P2


DORNIER P2 rapier weaving machine

Matchless flexibility and customer-specific solutions

In keeping with the slogan "Customised Solutions", DORNIER's new P2 rapier weaving machine combines the strengths of its world-renowned, sturdy machine construction with high reed impact forces and 5-axis control for multi-beam weaving of filament fabrics as well as very heavy multilayer conveyor belt fabrics.

The flexible insertion from rigid monofilaments and wires down to the finest silk threads using the open shed weft insertion proven over 35 years, with positive central thread transfer stands for unsurpassed flexibility and user-friendly handling in equal measure – especially with fast style changes. Production reliability and fault-free weaving are critically important in this context.

Positively controlled central transfer

Sustainability and durability

Sustainability is a very important topic for Lindauer DORNIER GmbH. This is why the new weaving machines create less waste and consume less energy. Compared to older machines, the operating costs have also been reduced, considerably in some areas – especially when one looks at the overall service life. And since the high quality of the fabrics produced on DORNIER weaving machines eliminates the unnecessarily expensive seconds component, the environmental balance of the products is also significantly improved.

But that is by no means all: Modern weaving machines are the basis for economical production of fashionable clothing, furnishing and upholstery fabrics as well as innovative technical textiles. Demand for these last is growing, as they are needed for future-oriented, sustainable materials such as lightweight, fiber-reinforced synthetics that reduce weight in aircraft and motor vehicles, helping to reduce fuel consumption here as well. DORNIER rapier weaving machines have been leading the market in this area for many years.


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Download the P1 rapier weaving machine brochure here.

P2 rapier weaving machine brochure