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The DORNIER ServoTerry® air-jet weaving machine

Air-jet terry weaving machine

Fulfills highest quality requirements

For the terry sector, DORNIER offers the new DORNIER ServoTerry® air-jet terry weaving machine. The direct drive of the terry movement using a servomotor allows setting different pile weaves and infinitely variable pile heights to be set even while the ServoTerry® is running. The soft terry impact of the DORNIER ServoTerry® enables it to deliver the highest quality fabric with an exceptionally low warp end break level.

Terry fabric

New standards in terry weaving

The DORNIER ServoTerry® is based on the same concept as the company's air-jet weaving machine. Here too, the PIC®-System (Permanent Insertion Control) with DORNIER ServoControl® developed and patented by DORNIER continually monitors the most important elements of the filling insertion electronically. This sets new standards in quality and process reliability. The new air-jet terry weaving machine is available with the cam, dobby or Jacquard shedding device versions for nominal widths between 190 and 360 cm.


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Download the DORNIER ServoTerry® air-jet terry weaving machine brochure.

DORNIER ServoTerry® air-jet terry weaving machine brochure


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