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Spare parts service

Spare parts service

EPOS – the electronic spare parts ordering and information system for your weaving machines – allows you to:

  • Identify spare parts using explosion drawings or a search function
  • Easily order spare parts with a shopping basket function
  • Access User Instructions and wiring diagrams as PDF files for weaving machines as from 1998 (year of construction)

Access to internet ordering and to EPOS
(Electronic Parts Order System) :

You do not have a login? Request your access data from:

EPOS provides access at anytime to the data for your weaving machines and supports searching for, and ordering, spare parts online.

For more information on EPOS click here. Or contact our Service. You can of course order per fax, post, E-mail or phone.

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Spare parts & Service



Use of unoriginal spare parts

Concerning: All Weaving machines

All spare parts for DORNIER weaving machines are tested on security and smoothely harmonized. During assembly and use of spare parts, which have not been approved by DORNIER, dangerous situations for the weaving personnell or secondary damages in your weaving machines might occur. The Lindauer DORNIER GmbH accepts no liability for any damage caused in such cases.

Further, when using spare parts which have not been certified by us, warranty obligation becomes void with immediate effect. Please do only exchange defective machine parts with original DORNIER spare parts.



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