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You have bought new DORNIER weaving machines or have new personnel in the weaving mill that is not yet familiar with the latest technology?

We have developed special training courses for you and your personnel to ensure optimum usage and long service life for your weaving machines.
Trainers, qualified and experienced in all aspects of weaving machine are available for you in our modern Training Center.

The courses we offer take place regularly in modern, well-equipped training areas in our Training Center in Lindau. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is conveyed.
There is of course also the option to train your personnel locally in your weaving mill for specific subjects and machines.
We would be pleased to develop an individual training concept together with you to meet your requirements.

Well trained personnel - an invaluable asset for the further development of your company! 

If you wish to be supported by our Service Centers, please contact

Training Center in Lindau

Interested? Please contact us!

  Phone: +49 8382 703 585 
  Fax:   +49 8382 703 17585
  E-Mail: training.wm

For questions concerning:

  • Training program
  • Information on participation
  • Course fees
  • Accommodation

our Training office will be pleased to help you.

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Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
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