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For the highest demands: The DORNIER system family with international reputation

Versatile, reliable and very productive - these features characterize DORNIER weaving machines. They therefore fulfill the high demands of the textile industry in the 21st century.

The demands placed on weaving machines by the textile industry are manifold: Flexible and gentle material usage, extreme pattern diversity, an absolutely reliable functional security and fabrics without faults. Apart from that, the industry expects that standstill times are as low and productivity is as high as possible. The unique DORNIER system family comprising rapier and air-jet weaving machines results from this catalog of market requirements.

Efficient operation thanks to identical electronics

Both types, rapier as well as air-jet weaving machines, are built on a platform strategy and use the same robust machine frame and electronic control systems. This means - despite different insertion systems - they can be operated and maintained in the same way, which is efficient and cost-effective. A further advantage: Simple accessory exchange and extensive use of identical spare parts reduce warehouse stocks at the customer's premises and therefore save money. New applications are designed in order to be always compatible with both systems.

Greiferwebmaschine P1
Rapier weaving machine P1
Unsurpassed flexibility paired with Customised Solutions

Following the motto "Customised Solutions", DORNIER's new rapier weaving machine P1 demonstrates the known sturdy machine construction with high reed impact forces, 5-axis control for multi-beam weaving of filament fabrics as well as very heavy multilayer conveyor belt fabrics.

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Luftwebmaschine A1
air-jet weaving machine a1
The success formula for the air-jet weaving machine A1

Energy efficiency, raw materials and material efficiency belong to the important economical and ecological challenges for the international textile industry. New innovations on the air-jet weaving machine A1 have improved the sustainability and therefore made fabric production processes more efficient and more compatible for the environment.

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WM Reifencord.jpg
Air-jet weaving machine for tirecord
Air-jet weaving machine for tirecord

For fast, efficient tirecord fabric production Manufacturing tirecord for automobile and airplane tires demands weaving machines that can process large quantities of yarn reliably and precisely in short periods. The DORNIER air-jet weaving machine for tire cord fulfills these demands perfectly through high flexibility and performance ability.

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Open Reed Waeve (ORW) Technologie
Open reed weave (ORw) technologie
Weave and Stitch in one Process

The development of the innovative Open Reed Weave (ORW) technology by DORNIER has created the foundation for integrating completely new functions into the weaving process.


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Special designs to manufacture leno cloths, terry cloths and tire cord demonstrate the impressive versatility of the DORNIER system family.

Air-jet Terry weaving machine ServoTerry®
DORNIER air-jet terry weaving machine ServoTerry®

In the terry sector, DORNIER offers its newly developed air-jet terry weaving machine, type ServoTerry® , with a wide application range in terry fabric production such as hand and bath towels or materials for leisure, sport and beachwear.

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Air-jet weaving machine EasyLeno®
System family with System EasyLeno®

The new DORNIER patented EasyLeno® leno technology serves as an important innovation for rapier and air-jet weaving machines for the sectors carpet backings, glass leno and curtains.

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