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The Dryer System

The guarantee for high product quality and low energy consumption

Many products such as wall, ceiling and floor elements for the construction industry of filter layers for liquid filtration have to be dried or undergo heat treatment during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the experience earlier aircraft engineers gained in fluid dynamics and heat technology, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH successfully introduced the first drying plant for the paper and cardboard industry onto the market as early as 1954.



Continuous Redevelopment and Refinement

What started in the 1950s with solutions for cardboard production has been continuously redesigned and refined over the years, resulting in many more reliable dryer systems for the following product groups:

  • Gypsum- and cement bonded construction panels
  • Ceiling and facade elements
  • Filtration layers
  • Nonwovens after the through-air convection process
  • Leather fiber strips
  • Ecological insulation panels
  • Foams
  • Pellet and granulate products

All dryer systems produced by DORNIER are built according to customer-specific requirements. The systems, which may be up to 100 m long, can turn 20 t of water into steam in an hour.

Filter belt dryers

Focus on Construction Panel Industry

In the early 1980s, the DORNIER drying system was successfully adapted to satisfy the particular requirements of the construction panel industry. Since then, the range of applications has expanded to include an enormous variety of construction panel types. such as gypsum boards for walls, mineral tiles for ceilings, softwood panels to dampen impact noise on floors or ecological insulating boards.

Heat treatment plants such as foaming ovens now also belong to the  DORNIER product portfolio. In foaming ovens, extruded polyethylene or polypropylene flat films up to 3 m wide are transported on an air cushion and thermoset. The end user can use these types of products as insulation mats in the leisure sector, for example.



Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Rickenbacher Str. 119
88131 Lindau, Germany

Telephone:   +49 8382 703 1222
Telefax:        +49 8382 703 17222


Telephone:   +49 8382 703 1222
Telefax:        +49 8382 703 17222


Download the Dryers brochure here.

Dryers brochure

Convection dryers

DORNIER convection dryers are notable for the following features:

  • They are designed as modules so that the temperature can be adjusted optimally to the drying behavior of the respective product.

  • The number of drying decks can be varied individually according to customer specifications. Currently, dryers with up to 12 decks are in operational use.

  • To transport damp product safely and without stress, each deck of the drying system is equipped with its own stabilizing conveyor belt. This avoids manufacturing losses due to material breakage, for example.

  • The structural design guarantees a high degree of uniformity in the drying process on all decks – for products up to 4 m wide.

  • Hot air nozzles are trained on the product to be dried from above and below to shorten the product's dwell time and increase heat transfer. Slot or round hole spinnerets can be used depending on the application.

  • Axial ventilators are preferably installed to help conserve electrical energy.

  • To minimize heat losses, reduce thermal energy consumption and thus also lower operating costs, the dryer systems are equipped with high-performance insulation materials and coupled to heat recovery systems.

  • The systems are designed for a high degree of automation. The operator can also use the operating data capture software as an effective cost optimization tool.

Consulting & Engineering

System and process analyses, engineering tasks or energy conservation concepts – Based on decades of experience in the field of thermal treatment plants, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH is the ideal partner for projects to optimize production processes for high-performance dryers, continuous throughput ovens and preheating and cooling stations.