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MAV – Measurement Analysis Verification

Our claim is quality

Outsourcing is a standard business practice which helps to avoid bottlenecks and optimize workflows. The advantages are obvious: By outsourcing production or laboratory functions you replace the skills that are missing and solve problems with regard to capacity, cost and time.

Solving your problems is our challenge.

Place your confidence in a partner which will be glad to adapt to your needs and is used to delivering top quality.

DIN ISO certificate

Interconnected skills

Based on our practical experience in machinery and plant building, with heavily loaded, complex capital investments and working with textile and plastics processes, we can provide a wide range of laboratory services.

Our work does not end with the preparation of the analysis report. Because we combine all the important technical development and production-related disciplines under one roof, we have our own personal, highly interconnected network of experts.

This enables us to improve your product and offer professional consulting that exceeds the limits of the ordinary.

Download the MAV services brochure here.

Telefon: +49 8382 703 1218
Telefax: +49 8382 703 1424