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Direct Link 4.0: The DORNIER Customer Portal myDoX®

Thanks to the customer portal myDoX® DORNIER’s customers organise their production at the highest technological level. It completes and expands our personal technical DORNIER service and the weaving machine panel ErgoWeave® with integrated Ethernet interface. In addition to a 24/7 online shop and the enhanced DoXWeave software for the networking of weaving machines, myDoX® offers also the direct 4.0 connection to experts and information from company DORNIER.

The benefits of myDoX®
• Online shop for original parts (DoXPOS – Parts Order System)
• Convenient access to networked weaving machines thanks to Remote Access and clear administration of machine
  data (DoXWeave)
• Production monitoring through communication of the weaving machines with all common production data acquisition
  systems or networks via Ethernet interface (DORNIER ErgoWeave®/DoXNet)
• Access to online help and online user manual (DoXDocu)
• Optimal data overview by individually definable machine groups and numbers
• Access to previous orders and current quotations
• Improved running behavior, maintenance and shorter downtimes
• Remote service, remote training (will be available in the future)
• Scheduled maintenance (will be available in the future)Weaving Machines

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Original parts

All parts of the DORNIER weaving machines have been carefully synchronized with each other and tested for safety. If spare parts that have not been approved by us are installed and used, there is a possibility that the safety of personnel may be threatened or your weaving machines may suffer consequential damage. In such cases, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH will accept no liability for personal injury or damage to equipment.

Furthermore, if spare parts that have not been approved by us are used, our warranty will be null and void. Therefore, always replace defective machine parts with original spare parts from DORNIER.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Weaving Machines

Telephone: +49 8382 703 1920
Telefax:      +49 8382 703 1424

Specialty Machines

Telefon: +49 8382 703 1932
Telefax: +49 8382 703 17932

EPOS – Electronic Parts Order System

Through EPOS, you can access your weaving machine data at any time and you can find and order spare parts directly in the system.

Weaving Machines

Telephone: +49 8382 703 1920
Telefax:      +49 8382 703 1424

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