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“We value flexibility”

Hohmann weaving plant buys 343rd rapier weaving machine from DORNIER – including factory serial number “55.000”

Late in September, Lindauer DORNIER delivered half a dozen rapier weaving machines to the Hohmann weaving plant. With this transaction, the company from Upper Franconia has now bought 343 weaving machines from DORNIER. It also represented a further cause for celebration for the technology leader on the shores of Lake Constance: As part of this shipment, the rapier weaving machine with factory serial number “55.000” also left the production hall.

France, Italy, USA, Brazil or China – 90 percent of the weaving machines built by DORNIER are delivered to destinations around the world. The fact that order volumes within Germany are relatively small is due mainly to the change in the structure of the domestic textile industry: The production of clothing and fabrics has relocated wholesale to Asia as a consequence of globalization. Traditional strongholds of the textile business such as those in the region around Hof, Upper Franconia were hit especially hard. But some companies in the region have flourished in spite of the trend and continue to operate profitably to the present day. These include the Hohmann weaving company in Helmbrechts which remains one of the largest weaving enterprises in western Europe.

Committed to home for over a century

“We ship a large portion of our products abroad; these days, our export quota is around 50 percent”, says Hohmann managing director Martin Buchta, who represents the fourth generation in charge of the family business since its foundation in 1907. The weaving machines operated by this long-established company are used mainly for the manufacture of curtains, furnishing and upholstery fabrics and the like. For Buchta, it is logical that all 343 machines come from DORNIER: “They are not only the most durable rapier weaving machines in the world, but also the most versatile for working with an enormous range of fiber materials and types”, declares the company boss, who personally took delivery of six new rapier models at the end of September accompanied by Stefan Pöhlmann, the mayor of Helmbrechts. Pöhlmann states: “I am delighted to see these examples of Hohmann’s investment in the future of an innovative company, which has earned immense respect by remaining committed to its original location and preserving jobs in the area.”

From one family company to another

It was a special day for Wolfgang Schöffl as well: “Not only are we delivering six new machines to a customer with whom we have enjoyed excellent relations for decades, but we are also shipping factory serial number ‘55.000’ – which is cause for a double celebration”, says the head of the Weaving Machines division at DORNIER. Schöffl is convinced that the two family-owned companies are bound by more than an appreciation of time-honored, good business relations: He sees another connecting element in the interweaving of experience and traditional craftsmanship with progress and innovative approaches in an unceasing effort to develop cutting edge manufacturing solutions. Buchta added that in his company as at DORNIER the customers’ needs, wishes and feedback are incorporated in the development of new machines. The result: Continuously improved system solutions reflecting the contemporary technological climate, adapted perfectly to the demands of the market. Buchta confirms that Hohmann did indeed use weaving machines from other manufacturers in former times, but “those days are gone”.