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Direct Link 4.0: The new DORNIER Customer Portal myDoX®


Why the digital age began much earlier for weaving machine manufacturers

In 1805, Joseph-Marie Jacquard changed the world with a piece of cardboard, when the son of a weaver invented the punched card controlled loom in Lyon. He not only revolutionized textile production, but also laid the foundation for today's automation as part of digitization with the loom as a "programmable" machine. A good century later, the American Herman Hollerith discovered the punched card for data processing, where it paved the way for binary computer programming. In 1924, the company founded by Hollerith gave birth to the "International Business Machines Corporation", which today is known by its abbreviation: IBM.

One and zero. Warp and weft. Weaving has always been "digital".

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH, a manufacturer of (weaving) machines and plants, demonstrated its vision for the digital world at an early stage: from 1989 onwards, DORNIER was even ahead of Mercedes and BMW with the implementation of the "Controller Area Network" (CAN-Bus) developed by Bosch and Intel. This was followed by FT control, communicating solenoid valves, automatic maintenance intervals and stations for precisely determining the thickness of the film in the company's up to 150-metre-long film production machines.

DORNIER is now once again demonstrating its technological pioneering role in the digital arena with the all-divisional customer portal myDoX®: whether 24/7-Online shop for original parts, individual user documentation, access to all orders placed or clear administration of machine data – DORNIER customers use the SAP HANA system based on the latest database technology to organize their fabric production under the latest production conditions for mass-produced goods, technical textiles and customization at the highest technological level.

But in a traditional family business like DORNIER, we also know that the human factor is just as much a part of weaving as one and zero are part of the binary code. That's why myDoX® is above all an extension of DORNIER's well-known personal technical service into the digital domain.

With myDoX® the information of all DORNIER machines and systems worldwide is available in Lindau within seconds and the decades of experience and quality "Made in Germany" continues to reach customers from Lake Constance.

This presentation will show how myDoX® can be used to efficiently weave in an increasingly digital world, which digital challenges fabric production is facing and how weaving machines must function in order to optimally combine traditional fabric production with state-of-the-art interface and cloud solutions.