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Recycling and waste reduction: DORNIER at Chinaplas with the latest system technology for sustainable film production


Recycled materials as raw material for film, reuse of waste film, and energy saving: On these key topics, DORNIER presents innovative approaches for sustainability in material and machine from May 21 to 24 at Chinaplas in Guangzhou, China.

When the conversation turns to sustainability, many are of the opinion that business should lead from the front. Lindauer DORNIER is doing precisely that, by following one of our seven guiding principles: "We strive to design and manufacture our products so that they are as safe and environmentally compatible as possible." This commitment was formulated by the company founder, Peter Dornier – over three decades ago.

The subject of sustainability will also be very much in focus at the upcoming Chinaplas exhibition, as reflected in the processing of recycled materials. "Recycled PET can be turned into high-quality film on DORNIER lines", says Bernhard Wandinger, head of the Specialty Machines product line at DORNIER. He attributes the growing demand for new products from old materials to heightened customer awareness, new laws, and self-imposed commitment within the industry. Consequently, film stretching lines from DORNIER are designed to be able to manufacture film from renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

Less waste with total inline recycling

Waste reduction is also important for doing business sustainably. According to Wandinger, it is a standard in DORNIER lines to recycle all production waste completely in line. The unusable film edge is returned directly to the manufacturing process. "This means that the system for regranulation of flakes will be smaller and the directly returned material will have less drop in viscosity”. According to Wandinger, the engineers at the company are currently working on ways to reduce the energy required for handling and returning waste still further.

Optimized air guidance for transverse stretching

DORNIER will also present future-oriented technology for the Transverse Direction Orientation (TDO) process step at Chinaplas. With a new TDO air guidance system, thermal energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 35 percent.

"The TDO chains are overhauled and reused many times in the course of their product life", says head of product line Wandinger. Long service life and energy efficiency of the "Made in Germany" machines and lines are further assured with upgrades to the drive and control technology. "Sustainability is not just a passing fashion at DORNIER, but rather the foundation and result of a long-term corporate strategy", he adds.

System partner for component, fiber and polymer manufacturers

The Composite Systems product line will also be presented in Guangzhou. Besides the roving weaving machine, which has been used to produce high-performance fabrics for over 45 years and is constantly being refined, the division also includes 3D weaving machines, tape production lines and tape weaving machines. With these, DORNIER supports component, fiber and polymer manufacturers as a system partner, delivering machines and lines for making semi-finished textile products of glass, carbon, aramid and basalt.