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Energy stored more efficiently: At the FILM EXPO, DORNIER presents the latest technology for separator film production for lithium-ion batteries


The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies requires an efficient energy storage systems. DORNIER as system supplier for plants that produce separator film for lithium-ion batteries, makes its contribution with the latest production technology - to be seen at the FILM EXPO in Osaka (22.-24.5.).

The innovative technology offer from Germany is of particular interest to film producers from Japan, South Korea and other Asian industrial countries, who determine the world standard in the production of highly specific separator film for photovoltaic energy storage or batteries for electric cars. For decades, DORNIER has been represented on this growing market with efficient and durable system components for film production. Among other things, the family-owned company supplies transverse stretching and fixing machines, casting roller mills and longitudinal stretching machines "Made in Germany" to producers in Japan.

With a view to megatrends such as energy turnaround and digitisation as well as the increasing demand for battery separator films for lithium-ion batteries, DORNIER is constantly providing new impulses. Thanks to improved mechanical relaxation, a new type of clip improves the quality of the film produced with it. This increases the durability of lithium-ion batteries. The new development also allows the film shrinkage, especially the MD shrinkage, to be adjusted even more effectively. This ensures very good dimensional stability of the film even at high process temperatures in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. "Whether smartphones, tablets, electric cars or photovoltaic accumulators - battery separator film manufactured with DORNIER system technology is part of many megatrends," says Patrick C. Fischer, a company's sales engineer for film stretching lines.

System partner for component, fiber and polymer manufacturers

In Osaka, the Composite Systems product line presents the latest machine and plant solutions for the efficient production of the latest fiber composite semi-finished products. In addition to the continuously improved roving weaving machine, which has been processing high-performance fabrics for over 65 years, the 3D and tape weaving machines as well as tape production lines are also part of the product line. As a system partner, DORNIER supports component, fiber and polymer manufacturers in the production of semi-finished textile products made of glass, carbon, aramid and basalt.