DORNIER Classics

DORNIER second hand weaving machines are high valued machines, also after 10 to 15 years. Of both the used second hand rapier and air-jet weaving machines we can offer you a variety of machines or can help you find a buyer for your old machines.

DORNIER classics

Long service life and stability are two of the outstanding features of DORNIER weaving machines. Used machines still fetch a reasonable price even after 10 to 15 years.

Thanks to the system family of our rapier and air-jet weaving machine we can deliver the majority (98%) of original DORNIER spare parts for your machines, even after 20 years.

We can provide used, refurbished, modernized weaving machines in perfect condition.


Currently, several young second hand machines are for sale: demonstration machines from our technical center with high-value equipment
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DORNIER Classics


You are interested in the DORNIER technology but would prefer to first get to know us with a used machine at favourable conditions?



You would like to sell one of your DORNIER weaving machines?


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