Be informed about the latest news of the DORNIER company, its Products in the area of weaving machine, specialty machinery (film stretching lines, drying technology, textile finishing) as well as about production services. Novelties concerning exhibitions or product types as well as the market situation of the company are continually available here. Also second hand machines


DORNIER Weaving Machine
DORNIER at the Techtextil in Frankfurt, 4 to 7 May 2015

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH presents at this year‘s Techtextil machines for upmarket high-tech textiles for the protection of people and the environment such as functional textiles for solid matter, wet and air filtration as well as shading.

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With carbon fibers into the future 2013
Special exhibition „With carbon fibers into the future“

The maiden flight of the Dornier/Dassault "Alpha Jet" in 1973, a light twin-jet combat and trainer aeroplane for the German airforce and the French "Armée de l'Air", created a milestone for the material technology used in modern aircraft construction and for the Lindauer DORNIER GmbH.

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Glowing Caterpillar_Samira Boon
Traditional technology encounters modern art

The focus of the call for tenders for a partition for the central hall of the Tilburg theatre was laid on modern spirit, creativity and functionality..

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Nino Cerruti
A star fashion designer goes back to his roots

It's passion!", spoken by an Italian, one immediately thinks of the adoration for a vivacious, sultry and passionate woman - which is however not the case here! Nino Cerruti, "Man of the Year 2012"

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Dornier Museum
The Dornier Museum: Tangible pioneering spirit

Dornier has made history. The development of the company has been inseparably conjunct with the visionary Claude Dornier, whose passion for technology and whose fascination for aviation have made the Dornier plant one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

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DORNIER Kluppenkette
New film stretching plant for mf-folien

The Lindauer DORNIER GmbH supplied one more film production line for biaxially oriented polyamide film to a local company. Also in the sector of film production lines for different materials DORNIER is one of the global market leaders, though nearly 100 % of these plants are sold abroad.

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